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Nature is my inspiration and my vision is to shine with natural beauty! 

A pioneer for natural and sustainable cosmetics.

When I was looking for natural cosmetics that would pamper me from head to toe and at the same time protect the environment, I discovered RINGANA.


 The Austrian company has made it its mission to offer high-quality and fresh cosmetic products that are not only effective, but also protect the environment.

Fresh and natural active ingredients:

What sets RINGANA apart from many other cosmetic brands is the use of fresh and natural active ingredients. Instead of relying on long shelf life, the company focuses on freshness and quality. The products are freshly manufactured and then shipped directly from the factory. In this way, RINGANA ensures that the products reach the customer as fresh as possible. The active ingredients come from controlled organic cultivation and are free of synthetic and artificial fragrances. RINGANA attaches great importance to ensuring that its products are skin-friendly and make a sustainable contribution to beauty care.

Product range:

RINGANA offers a wide range of cosmetic products that cover all areas of skin care. From facial care and body care to hair care and nutritional supplements - RINGANA has the right product for every requirement. 

Popular products include, for example,RINGANA body milk, RINGANA caps beauty & hair, but also Pack B, the balancing for a balanced acid-base balance.

RINGANA products are suitable for both women and men and are now enjoyed in 34 countries.

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