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“Whatever you can do or what you dream of – start it.
In boldness lies genius, power and magic."
Johann Wolfgang v. Goethe

Refined and enchanted - plotting and sublimation for unique designs.

I love to plot and sublimate! It's like a magical journey into a world of creativity and unique designs. When plotting, I can let my imagination run wild and conjure up the most beautiful motifs and lettering on a wide variety of materials. Like a brush in an artist's hand, I create something special with every cut and every stroke. 

And then sublimation comes into play, a magical process in which colors fuse and are transferred to fabrics or other surfaces. It feels like pure magic when the result of my work comes to life and the colors shine brilliantly and radiantly.

I can use both techniques to design custom gifts, create personalized clothing or items, or simply enhance my surroundings with my own touch.

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How does plotting actually work?

Plotting with the Cricut Joy

The Cricut Joy plotter is a great addition for all creative minds out there. But what items should you equip yourself with to get the most out of your Cricut Joy? Here is a list of things you will need to take your plotter creations to the next level:


1. Cricut Joy:

Of course, you'll need the plotter itself to get started. The Cricut Joy is a compact, powerful plotter that is perfect for small projects, it takes up little space and  is easy.

2. Materials:

The Cricut Joy can cut a variety of materials, from vinyl to paper to fabric. It's important to have your materials ready so you can start cutting right away. Vinyl sheets in different colors are great for stickers and lettering, while high quality paper is perfect for cards or scrapbooking.

3. Accessories:

Remember to equip your Cricut Joy with the right accessories. You will need cutting mats to hold the material in place while it is being cut. Choose the appropriate cutting mat based on the material you are using. Additionally, spare blades and tools like a spatula or tweezers are helpful for making your projects precise.

4. Design Software:

To control the Cricut Joy, you need design software. Cricut Design Space is the official software ofCricutand provides a user-friendly interface to create designs, select fonts, and organize projects. You can also access an extensive library of pre-made designs to create quick and easy projects.

Buy Cricut Joy:

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