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Test your skin type

Test your skin type - discover the secrets of your skin!

Woman taking a skin type test

Hello dear readers, today I would like to tell you about my skin type test from RINGANA.

I was looking for a natural and sustainable skin care and came across RINGANA.

The skin type test from RINGANA promises to determine the individual Determine skin type and recommend suitable skin care products. So, curious, I took the test. The process was very simple:

I had to answer some questions about my skin, For example, whether my skin is oily or dry, whether I am prone to redness and whether I am sensitive to certain ingredients.

After completing the test, I received a detailed evaluation. It turns out that my skin is prone to dryness and that I react particularly to scented products. Based on these results, I was recommended a special care routine: a mild cleanser, a moisturizing day cream and a night cream.

All RINGANA products are natural and contain no harmful substances Ingredients. Since I started using the recommended care routine, my skin condition has improved significantly. My skin feels supple and the dryness has almost disappeared.

The skin type test from RINGANA helped me Finding the right products for my skin. I can therefore recommend it to anyone who is looking for natural and individually tailored skin care.

Until next time,

Your Dana

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