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RINGANA active ingredients or ingredients?

RINGANA active ingredients in the products - no ingredients

Ringana active ingredients, pure nature

In Ringana products you will not find any ingredients, but only active ingredients - but why is that actually the case?

The difference between ingredients and active ingredients lies in their Function and effectiveness. Ingredients are often synthetic or chemically processed substances found in conventional cosmetic products.

They are mostly just used to add color to the product or to give consistency or to make it last. But they have no proven positive effect on the skin or the body.

At RINGANA, however, we consistently rely on active ingredients. This means that only natural active ingredients are used in the products that have a specific positive effect on the skin or body.

This can be high-quality oils, plant extracts or other natural ones be substances that have a proven effect on health and beauty.

The reason for this consistent decision lies in the Philosophy of RINGANA:

Natural beauty care is not just about improving your external appearance , but also support health. The active ingredients in RINGANA products sustainably care for the skin and contribute to its long-term well-being. In addition, RINGANA attaches great importance to transparency and sustainability.

As a customer, you can read at any time which active ingredients are contained in the products and what positive effects they have. RINGANA is open about this information and wants you as a customer to know exactly what you are putting on your skin. So if you value high-quality, natural and effective care products, you should take a look at RINGANA products.

Let yourself be amazed by the effect of Ringana products convince yourself and do something good for your skin and your body.

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